Using VEX Cortex to control FRC Robot help

We read the thread about using VEX Cortex to control an FRC bot that was written some time last season. I am currently slightly confused as to how exactly the cortex should be connected to a Victor speed controller. I had it connected to the Digital Output using a male to male PWM cable and am running the Cortex itself off of a battery pack. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but currently the Victor light still does not stabilize and continues to blink. Anyone know how to achieve this? (We’re using this for our test robot while our other one is bagged).

Try connecting to one of the Motor ports.

Plug the PWM wire into one of the 8x three-wire Motor ports, and it should functionally exactly the same as a regular VEX motor.

You may have to recalibrate the Victor to the Cortex PWM output values to ensure the Victor operates over the full output range.

As the post above mine said, use a PWM cable to connect to one of the motor ports (2-9, 1 and 10 will not work) and make sure that it is plugged in correctly. If memory serves, it is signal (white) on the inside and ground (black) on the outside. The motor can then be programmed using RobotC/EasyC as it normally would be with the VEX system.

Do I need a jumper? I don’t usually work with Cortex so I’m not sure exactly how it should be hooked up; I thought I didn’t need a jumper but now I’m not sure. I tried the wires both directions, moved the ports, etc…the light on the Victor refuses to stabilize at all. I’m running the Cortex off the battery pack to avoid severing some wires to attach it to our power distribution board, does that matter?

It’s also important to ensure you’re sending the Vic a signal within the code.

Update: Got the cortex working, thanks for all the help!