Using Victors For Drivetrain As Backup Motor Controllers

We use 2 spark maxs and 2 talons for drivetrain but recently one of the sparks let the magic smoke out and joined other broken sparks. We ordered replacement parts for spark but we are not sure if parts will arrive on time. We only have victors on hand for now. Would it be okay to use them on the drivetrain? If not we can get 2 other talons but we are trying to avoid paying 500$ for talons as much as we can.

Probably, depends on how you were using them. Generally, any Victor should be suitable for a brushed drivetrain motor, though you may require code changes.

Which Victor though? Some of those are much more likely to release the smoke than others.

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This one: Victor SPX - CTR Electronics

Yep, you should be good, plenty of teams use Victor SPXs for drivetrain tasks. If you were using an encoder via the SparkMax you’ll need to find some other solution there.

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Thanks for the info, we aren’t using encoders so I guess it will be straightforward to change them.

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Yes, if you’re going open loop, an easy substitute. If you’re driving with PWM, you don’t even REALLY have to adjust the software, because all of the PWM controllers except Jaguar are pretty linear with nominally the same performance curves. If you’re controlling through CAN, make the code change!

We were using can so we made the changes. It works fine. Thanks.

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