Using vinyl as an insulator?

Hey all! My team is pretty strapped for cash, so we’re working on turning things that might be laying around an average home into parts for a robot this year. It’s interesting to see what can be hacked onto a robot! We’re currently working on mounting our control system onto our robot, and we have a sheet of pre-fabricated perforated aluminum that we are mounting things to. The thing is that we need some material to insulate the cRIO and our vision camera. I know typically teams use lexan, but how do you all think an old vinyl record would do? I know that vinyl is considered an insulator and that it’s used in electrical tape, but would cutting a piece of vinyl out of a record and placing it under the cRIO work?


So long as you didn’t then run a conductive bolt from the cRio case to the aluminum, of course, this should work fine.

Wood is also a very good insulator.


Teams use Lexan because it doesn’t shatter when struck. Depending on the recording you might want to send it to me to listen to, I mean evaluate for you.

I think you would be better off using some wood to mount your electronics to if your funds are running low.

I agree the World LRI should “evaluate” the vinyl to ensure its integrity.