Using Vision Assistant Generated Code

So, I’ve used the vision assistant to generate C code to run on the robot. Pretty slick. I know how to call the code, with an image, but here’s my question. Is there a way that’s already there to get the code to return some kind of array of targets? If so, how do I get at this? For our vision system, it’s important that we know where all of the possible targets are within the robot’s field of view. Help?
Thanks in advance!
-Arthur Lockman

I would have to see the code you are trying to integrate to attempt to help.

I have posted the code here:
I know that you call IVA_ProcessImage(Image *image) with your image data that you get from the camera. Looking through the code though, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to get at the data that the particle detection creates. You can access it in the vision assistant, but I’m not sure how to in the C code. Help?


It looks like you can pull the results out of the ivaData variable in the IVA_ProcessImage function before it is passed to IVA_DisposeData(). Maybe pass in an array you wish to populate with the results and you can copy the interesting results. Possibly pCalibratedMeasurements will be simpler if you don’t care about the complexity of the struct.