Using WindRiver from the command line?

Is there some way of compiling and deploying code from the command line? Our non-programming teammates want to be able to deploy and use code if none of our programmers are present. I’ve showed several of them how to do it from WindRiver/wrote step-by-step instructions, but I’m looking for a way to simplify the process.

I’m fairly certain deploying the code is just a matter of using ftp to transfer the compiled file to the cRio. Which folder should I place the compiled file in?

I’m not sure about windriver, but with java, there’s several other things that are sent to the robot such as a manifest file which tells the robot what code to run when it starts up.

I think I figured out at least the first part. Assuming that your WindRiver install is located at C:\WindRiver and your project is located in C:\WindRiver\workspace\SimpleTemplate, you need to…

  1. Add the following to your path (to compile, you need to use gnu make, bash, and other assorted linux console utilities. The following directories contains Windows versions of those)
  • C:\WindRiver\gnu\3.4.4-vxworks-6.3\x86-win32\bin

  • C:\WindRiver\utilities-1.0\x86-win32\bin

  • C:\WindRiver\setup\x86-win32\bin

  1. cd to C:\WindRiver\workspace\SimpleTemplate\PPC603gnu
  2. Type
set WIND_BASE=C:\WindRiver\vxworks-6.3
  1. Run the following command:
make --no-print-directory BUILD_SPEC=PPC603gnu DEBUG_MODE=1 TRACE=1

I’m still uncertain about the second part though.

Deploying the code is just a matter of (from ucpp)

wput -u $CPP_PROJECT_NAME/Debug/$CPP_PROJECT_NAME.out ftp://anonymous@$DEPLOY_IP/ni-rt/system/FRC_UserProgram.out

Or the moral equivalent (where wput -u is copy over ftp)