Using Windriver to compile a normal program?

I’m somewhat rusty in C++, and want to test the flow of logic in some parts of my code. Is it possible to use Windriver to create a normal c++ program that I can test without a robot?

No. You should use something like DJGPP on Windows or gcc if you have a Linux machine.


Or, if you’re rusty in C++ and want a full IDE to practice, try Code::Blocks or Dev C++. They are very simple to work with.

(both of these programs by default use gcc as a compiler I believe, but they provide a much friendlier interface)


Borland C++ 5.5

MS Visual Studio 2010 Express


all free


Aw, it kind of sucks that Windriver isn’t multipurpose, but then again, that’s not really what it was designed for, I suppose.

Thanks for the suggestions - I’ll try them out.

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I prefer a Linux development environment, so an alternative option might be running a VM.

I find developing on Linux much easier. Got to love gcc and Vim :stuck_out_tongue:

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Vim? :ahh:

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OP: You can if you mess around with the makefile

mandrews281 and basicxman: Why use those when you have nano, gedit, and the butterfly?

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