Using Xbox One Elite Controller

We have been using a xbox 360 controller to drive our robot for a while now and have an elite controller. The elite controller has four extra paddles on the back and one switch on the front. I was wondering if these inputs can be taken in through code in any way. Thanks in advance!

I’m not very familiar with the elite controller, however, an easy way to check button/axis mappings is to plug the controller in and check the USB Devices tab in the driver station application.

I use something similar, but we haven’t been able to utilize them. I recommend plugging the controller into the computer, pulling up the driver station, and seeing if any inputs are mapped to the back paddles. If so, you can definitely use those to code. If not, a regular Xbox one controller will work just as well.

It should work, but I haven’t tried it either.
It just maps the paddles to the existing standard outputs and allows swapping in different mechanical parts that still perform the same actions.
The Driver Station will just see it as the regular combinations of xBox inputs.

Assignable inputs: A, B, X, and Y, D-pad up, down, left, and right; Left and right bumpers; Left and right trigger activation; Left and right thumbstick click

I would like to add, the reason I asked this question is because the extra buttons on the elite controller DO NOT show up in the driver station.

They aren’t extra buttons, they are duplicates of some other already existing button.
For example, you can have an “A” button on the top repeated as a paddle underneath, but it still just registers as the “A” button no matter which one you press.

I assume you have mapped the paddles to one of the other standard buttons.
So, mapping a paddle to the “A” button does not trigger the “A” button indicator on the Driver Station display?

I will look into the mapping and see if that can change anything.

We used elite controllers last year. We used the xbox to map the buttons and then plugged it into the computer, so the buttons will just be whatever you map them to do on the xbox.