I know that I can’t be alone here.

I don’t know what algorithm USTREAM uses to select when they run advertisements, but…
PineTree Finals, 3, 2, 1…Drano? twice?

Just now at Bridgewater, right in the middle of the second finals match?
This is ridonkulous!

Also, am I a prude for thinking that the Drano commercial is just a little too suggestive?

Meat, melons, cleaning pipes?

Ever try Adblock software (Turn it off for Hulu, Chief Delphi, websites you like, etc…)

I also use Adblock Plus while watching robotics on ustream.

Another vote for adblock.

Adblock is pretty legit.

Thank you all.
I was going to vet adblock, but your recommendations did it for me.

Still, those Drano ads…shield the children!

So, I’m using adblock, but I am still getting ads.

Has USTREAM found a way around adblock?
Do I need to block for this specific site? (which I tried, but then the site got all wanky.

I know which commercial you mean. To be fair, it’s Liquid Plumr, not Drano.

And this is why we all love the guys from WatchFIRSTNow.

WFN has an unlimited Ustream Pro broadcasting account, so we don’t have to watch ads.

i was still getting ads while watching watchfirstnow

When? I know I didn’t get any watching ABCA, ONTO2, ONWA, and QCMO.

To be clear, I’m referring to the interruption ‘TV commercial’ type ads, not side banners and stuff.

I believe the ads from watchfirstnow is from their sponsor, not USTREAM. These ads only play at field reset time, never during a match.

OH! I know the ones you’re talking about.

They were playing from the field video. They were playing in the arenas too.

I have always ran into to issues with USTREAM, a lot of the time I cannot even get the page to load.

Youtube now supports ‘Air’ Hangouts that can be streamed directly to the team’s Youtube page. I have not once encountered an ad that intervenes with the stream.
Might be something some teams could look at.

the other thing is that ustream will give you a button and a countdown to when the ad will play, so you can try to play it during field reset.