UTC Connecticut Regional Hotels

I’m looking for some information about hotels that are within walking distance (preferably less than 1 mile) of the Hartford Regional.

Any information would be much appreciated.

The Hartford Regional is held at the Connecticut Convention Center, located at 100 Columbus Boulevard, Hartford, CT 06103. Here is a list of some hotels within 1 mile of the CCC:

Marriott Hartford Downtown - 0.33 miles
(Adjacent to the CCC)
200 Columbus Boulevard
Hartford, CT 06106

Residence Inn By Marriott Hartford Downtown - 0.44 miles
942 Main St
Hartford, CT 06103

The Goodwin Hotel - 0.46 miles
1 Haynes St
Hartford, CT 06103

Hilton Hartford- 0.54 miles
315 Trumbull St
Hartford, CT 06103

Sheraton Hartford Hotel - 0.57 miles
100 E River Dr
East Hartford, CT 06108

the downtown Marriott is actually attached to the convention center

there is a shuttle running from the Marriott residence inn to the downtown Marriott.

The Downtown Mariott was a very nice hotel. that where we stayed last year an it was awsome.

This one’s a bit expensive for a FIRST trip.

This one isn’t exactly easy to walk from either.

also keep in mind that Hartford has a free shuttle bus that goes around the city and one of the stops is the Convention Center; many hotels have shuttle services and would be available to bring you to and from the Convention Center; and if you ask nicely, you may be able to work out a deal with a local team for transportation! :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s really great. I noticed that in the information packet you sent me the link to.

Thanks to everyone for all their helpfulness! :smiley:

Team 549 the DevilDawgs are looking for a hotel to stay in while competing in the UTC Regional in Hartford. Where is everyone staying? Does anyone have any prices?


I am personally going to staying in one of the hotels thats in close proximity. I will be working as one of the FIRST Safety Advisors for the second year. I will probably have a room to myself which is pretty good. If anyone out there in FIRST land would like to split a room let me know. I’ll probably book my room very soon.


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Hey Vin, talk to me tonight at the meeting if you’ll be there.

Oh no Elgin, I’d rather share a room with Rosie O’Donnel before / during / and after a pie eating contest.

I won’t be at the meeting tonight but we’ll talk Tuesday. Is your Tuesday good?

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