UTC Information

Hello Friends,

Are you attending UTC? In need of scouting assistance? I'm your SPY! 

In a few weeks, I'll be obtaining several PDA's on a lend lease policy. In the past years as some of you may know, I'm capable of creating scouting databases on these PDA's. 

A little sneak preview:

 ....this years program will show easy tracking and possibly automatic ranking......

.....along with information about teams, pictures will also be available on CD.

Did anyone say mobility?
Printing, copying? All from a remote location without interfering with any other radio signals!

Interested? :cool:


[email protected]
[email protected]

I wish our team was going but unfortunately we can’t go to both UTC and Annapolis, but last time we were there I had a blast.

Hey Vin. I’m very interested. I always enjoy meeting and sharing ideas with hardcore scouters. Instant message me…

Vin i would also be interested in this program and helping your team PM me or something