UTC New England Regional Tailgating

It’s our 10th birthday and RAGE wants to party! :stuck_out_tongue:

RAGE is excited about tailgating on Saturday, March 18 at the UTC New England Regional. We’re contacting the Regional Director to make sure it’s OK with the venue.

Weather permitting, we’ll bring some portable gas grills and some food - you bring some food, some folding chairs, some team spirit (who has the hair dye???) - and let the party begin! :smiley:

Let us know if you’re interested!

P.S. We’re also opening up our facility on Wed. or Thurs. night that week if any teams want to come meet us. http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23910

hey count team 195 cyber knights in… (i saw an earlier post about tailgating at nationals and thought it was a pretty cool idea)

From the official website of The Meadows Music Theater
(Home of the UTC regional)



BUT[size=2]it also says stuff about not allowing signs and banners, so take this with a grain of salt till you hear from the UTC regional directors or someone similar.[/size]

Considering the fact that this is an event that is taking place during the
“off season” of the venue I am assuming it is not allowed but hoping that it just may be.

BTW if it is allowed, count on Team 237 to be participating in some tailgating!

we’ll be there

Hmmmm…ooops! Anyone notice that plume of smoke and circling birds overhead in the parking lot at UTC last year? Yeahhhh that was me with the grill at lunchtime. No one said anything though, so I’d imagine its alright. Either way, I’d love to drop by and send my best to Rage if they did this!

Good Luck,
Andy Grady

We are in contact with the Director of the Regional and will be seeking permission to have a tailgate party in the parking lot… Stand by for more details!

While you are asking permission for that, can you find out if there will be a Wi-Fi network available at UTC as well???

I doubt it, but maybe…???

i like your thinking lol… im hoping to get my laptop by then…

goes in his corner praying for drops in prices by the 12th so i can order it

I was actually thinking about actaully using our darn webcam their to broadcast, but LAN parties are an option as well I guess!! lol

(If that’s what you were thinking) :smiley:

no of course… not… LOL! would be cool though to have one at a local hotel one night… get people closer together from other teams while having fun…


RAGE is willing to open up our facility to teams if anyone wants to do something. See the above thread.

Our team is up for this but why only on saturday why not every day people got to eat! let us know what we should bring

RAGE has received permission to host a tailgating party on Saturday, March 20, in the parking lot at the Meadows prior to the pits opening at the UTC New England Regional (weather permitting).

We will post more details after we get them worked out… stay tuned!

Does this mean a early morning breakfast time tailgate, and not a lunch time tailgate?

yes, it will be early morning.

yes breakfast with RAGE!!! what other teams are interested in going?

yay we will eat breakfast with you if you bring our sprockets

I don’t believe sprockets will taste to good for breakfast. But if u really want…
haha you know you are addicted to first when u crave sprockets for breakfast!


We will eat breakfast with you if you bring our sprockets that you machined for us to use in our drivetrain (which broke)

I’ll make sure our CNC guys see this post! Sprockets for Breakfast??? A fair trade I think!

Anyway, we’re looking forward to seeing everyone. I told a lot of the CT teams about it at NJ Regional. Please spread the word to the other teams coming to UTC.