UTC New England Regional to be Webcast

United Technologies Corporation will be Webcasting the New England Regional from the New Haven Coliseum live on Friday, April 5 and Saturday, April 6.

The address for the stream is:

It will be broadcast in Windows Media format at 250kbps in full motion video (30 fps).

This will be a great opportunitity to get some scouting completed before the nationals.

For teams attending the regional, you may request that it be broadcast on schoolwide television systems or in a visible location to give people a taste of what a regional is all about. The same can be done for sponsoring companies who wish to show employees the fun, excitement and intensity of a FIRST competition.

Detailed settings and requirements are available at the above location.

In addition, a section of utc.com has been created about FIRST at http://www.utc.com/profile/community/first/first1.htm

If you have any questions about the cast, please e-mail me at eaflemin@syr.edu.

Good luck to all! I hope that you enjoy this year’s event - in the past the UTC New England Regional has been one of the toughest competitions.

-Eric Fleming

it’s the best feed I have seen in a while for FIRST, but it is small. Oh well

First match I’ve seen this season was my old high school and the town I grew up in (aztechs and gale force) teamed together. and of course they won!


FYI: You can take it full screen by right-clicking on the video.

Thanks for watching!

I can’t because I’m behind a fire wall so I don’t get playback control. I think that’s it anyway. It’s a great day to be a work

wow…250kbps…thats 256250bps and like 32032 bytes/second or 32K per second…sorry dialup folks…you can only get like 6K per second…

This is a high quality web cast, I wish they were all like that. The only problem I had with it was I didn’t get any sound. Oh well, I’m watching the St. Louis web cast anyway, I know the mc :slight_smile:


Great Stuff Eric!!!

Will you be at EPCOT? Hope we can meet up (and I’ll introduce you to the NASA guys) and look at streaming all events next year in this format. Very clean! And I don’t get blocked by Motorola’s


hey Jay…Its probably not a firewall issue but perhaps a proxy issue…open Win Media Player…select options…then click network…at the bottom there will be setting for proxy…simply click configure and set it the same as your browser…hope this helps…


*Originally posted by Mike-108 *
**wow…250kbps…thats 256250bps and like 32032 bytes/second or 32K per second…sorry dialup folks…you can only get like 6K per second… **

Hey Mike. See my above post. We gotta meet up w/ these UTC folks at EPCOT. It’s nice here at the office - 802.11 to the network pulling the stream… I’m at lunch watching robots w/ co-workers getting them hooked 4 next year!

KA-108 :cool:

I went to the source code and pulled the link to the stream and am watching it fine in WMP itself.


*Originally posted by Jay5780 *
**I went to the source code and pulled the link to the stream and am watching it fine in WMP itself.

Jay **

oooh. can you post that? it’ll help w/ a small project I started in chicago…

Never mind I found it.


Great job on the streaming…

I noticed you guys struck a deal with i2sports (rather expensive but obviously worth it)…did they also provide the net connection between you and their servers?..what kind of hardware are you using to push to their server? a laptop?..the reason I ask is because it could be possible that other teams from other regionals maybe able to do the same…also…is i2sports willing to donate some of their services?

let me know…thanks…

I agree with ya Kenny…we should all meet…soap…utc…nasa…streaming can get rather expensive…but perhaps with enough heads and resources…we optimize something that could be practical for ALL regionals…image being able to watch any or all regionals…that would rock…they should be able to find us in the pits…look for the big bar of SOAP…

Thank you all for your compliments about the Webcast.

Let me give you some background.

I have been helping to coordinate the sponsorhip efforts with UTC for the past few years (since my tenure from team 178 expired). Usually UTC gives away some sort of promotional item at the regional. After last year’s event, I made the recommendation that we look to do a Webcast instead - figuring that the money would be much better spent this way.

Now a student at Syracuse University, I settled into the role of Web Media Director at UUTV (University Union Television). UUTV is the largest student-run television station in the nation. This year we partnered with i2sports to broadast all of our programming via the Internet. i2sports is a start-up company based on the SU campus.

Impressed with the quality of their live streaming capabilities, I asked them to do the Webcast of the NE Regional. So far…so good.

We are struggling to keep the frame rate above 15 fps due to the massive amount of motion by the production cameramen within the 250kpbs stream.

Unfortunately I will not be attending the Nationals (the first time in 5 years :frowning: ); however, I am interested in speaking with NASA, Soap and others so that users can receive the highest possible quality stream for FIRST events.

Please feel free to e-mail me at eaflemin@syr.edu


Cool. Another Alumni.

Mike and I graduated from Dillard in 1997 and have been around FIRST since 1995 as students, alumni/Motorola interns, and now engineers/mentors with Motorola.

Yes. We will need to look at what we can all do for 2003. High quality is good, but we’ll also need to look at low-bandwidth dial-up users, which is still probably over 75% of the FIRST audience.

Also, we’ll need to keep the production companies in the loop and, of course, FIRST. We’ll be in a conf call with all these great folks soon to discuss EPCOT…

KA-108 :cool:

the web cast is pretty good. i wish i didn’t have so much bio homework, i’d much rather watch robots. :smiley:

I watched a bit today and it was quite nice. Couldn’t get the link from the source to open in media player tho…:frowning:
The Alumi from FIRST are poping up everywhere…

i got the link. go into IE, and type in this:


it should open in windows media player. worked for me.