UTC New England Regional Video

Does any one have any form fo video for the UTC New England Regional
(Hartford, CT) regional please thank you. if you do please contact me at [email protected] or 518-527-7552 thanks you

Funny this is, we all tried this last year at UTC (getting the video) but that didn’t happen as far as I know. Maybe this year will be different!!

I do have the video talked about in this thread. I was going to upload it to our team’s site, but I figured there wouldn’t be enough interest, seeing how it was from last year. But since people here really seem to like it, I will try to post the 2004 video on our team website soon, hopefully within a week or two. It’s not this years’ one, but it is still good!

Until I get the entire video uploaded, here’s a teaser clip: (0.7 Mb)

As you can see, the contrast of the teaser video is bad, and that is why I won’t be able to upload the whole video for a while…

Thanks for your interest in the UTC video.

I will check to see what we can do about making the video available to the teams…

PM me if you are interested.

No promises about getting the video… but I will promise that I will try.

1/2 of the UTC New England Regional Planning Committee

This video was excellent. It is also copyrighted. I obtained permission from UTC to view it ONCE off the website. Mike, even though it is last year’s video, it can still be used as a great marketing tool. Can you please check to see if teams can link to the video in its original website from team websites?