UTC New England Scrimage

Hey everyone, who is or was at the UTC Scrimage in Suffield? Interesting robots here, lots of cool stuff, strategies unveiled, competition unfolding. What are the thoughts of the general community on the competition after seeing/experiencing actual combat on the field?

Quincy also had there game going today.

Beware ball handlers thats all I have to say.

And if you think you can pull other robots and goals around there is always someone better:D

This year is going to be fun. being alot of spares;)

I learned that this year’s game is very volatile (?); small mistakes cost you the match.

alot of the ball handlers have too work the kinks out, and fast if i might say so.


check out that thread, you can watch the scrimmage right now, as it’s happening!

as i said before - hanging happens too little, multipliers can change the game, and human player shooting is of utmost importance

semi finals ending soon! :smiley:

edit - awards ceremony now…the winners are -


awesome job everyone! :smiley:

Sorry that this is off-topic, but…uh, how can guests post? Brandon?

best put by an engineer on my team “Who ever hangs wins”

we did pretty good for our ghetto PVC arm, tho… 2nd place

#1 yes quincy was awsome today…

#2 amen

#3 yep yep yep

#4 understatement!!! =P

The game was cool to see it with actual robots, but it was a little boring not a lot of excitement. Hope that the regionals will be more fun. Teams need to get their robots running that probably why it wasnt so cool.

This thread was so confusing til I realized it’s 4 years old! :rolleyes:

As long as it’s at the top, how did the game play out? Any specifics would be awesome :slight_smile:

What stuck out to me was how there were so many tall robots (what didn’t surprise me was how so many of those tall robots ended up on thier back whenever they went near the ramp). I also noticed how shooters will need to rely on capable partners to survive or will be mercilessly pounded by the other alliance.
Also 195 is a beast. :ahh:

And what are you basing this off of, must I ask?

Watching you guys push other teams around and assert your will.

I must say, I was having quite a bit of fun pushing people all over the place today. It was a little harder in the elimination rounds because our high gear broke, but 195 and we did a nice job double teaming bots :D.

Now we need to repair our bumpers and make a bunch of extras. You guys have lots of sharp corners on your bots :frowning:

Our bumpers help up very nicely, in fact, they still look like new!

I see you guys like the Killer Bees 2004 bot alot.

cough split thread cough

4 years of UTC scrimmages in one thread. interesting.

More like weird but it’s in the now so let’s just go with the flow.

I’m down with that then.

In that case: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=455982&postcount=11 for my semi-conclusive report of the scrimmage in 2006!