UTC Regional - Thanks to 176 and 1124

Hey everyone,

Today our alliance fought its way to success at the UTC Regional. Much thanks to Aces High and the Uberbots. You guys did amazing. We may not have been the best bots there, but we came up with solid strategies and stuck to the plan great. 176, your scoring in auto carried us to success, and the Uberbots, you guys did an incredible job playing offense, defense, and ramping.

We also owe GUS a big thanks for giving us the fencing for our hopper and loaning us tools all day.

To all the other teams there, you guys did amazing as well. There were some simply phenomenal bots out there, and it’s too bad we didn’t have more time to play with all of you.

Great work, everybody!

You welcome thanks for picking us. Also I need an email address for the Uberbots if some one has it please email me.

Winning Alliance Of 2006 New England UTC Regional

utc 010 (Small).jpg

utc 010 (Small).jpg

Huge thanks to team 177 for picking us!!! Also thanks to their amazing defense in shutting down team 20 and 126 at the same time!!! Team 1124 won us over quite a few auto rounds thanks to their 3 point shots!! No harm in saying it guys we were amazing!! Hope to see you all at Nationals!!

great job you guys… it was alot of fun!!!
nothing like having your first time on a first team being a team that wins regionals :rolleyes:

:ahh: yay :ahh:

Big thanks to team 177 for picking us in the finals an another thanks to 1124 for accepting. We pulled off an amazing win yesterday, that i personally thought we might not have done. Going into the semi finals i was nervous about 126 an 20, but you know what, thanks to our solid plan we were able to get through it…together! I guess when you say never give up at something you want really can come true. :slight_smile: We were an awesome alliance! See you all at nationals.

Just wanted to thank teams 177 and 176 for a great time at the UTC Regional. We weren’t even expecting to be picked for alliances, let alone winning! I think we were successful due to a number of things. However, I think the most influential factor in our success was our cooperation. We all followed the plan and were able to accomplish everything we planned. Whether it was the various autonomous modes, shooting, scoring in the corner goals, defense, or all getting back on the ramp at the end, we all understood the game and how to be successful. I guess it also just goes to show that ranking doesn’t mean anything if you’re allied with teams you work well with. (I think we were in 34th or 36th or something) Our team is definitely going to Atlanta and I hope to see you guys there!


I just saw the videos and I was amazed at how all three robots performed. The Bobcats’ scoring in semifinal 2 really set up the victory.

Definitely would like to echo 177’s general thanks to 176 and 1124 y’all performed perfectly, especially in the semi-finals. Thanks again

You guys put up a really tough match, I hope we don’t have to go against each other again. Good playing!