UTC Regional Updates

Well everyone, the finest Regional in the country is just about starting… Keep it here for updates for The New England Regional.

This is true. The UTC regional is very renowned. Many national winners go to this regional such as Rage team 173 and Aces High team 176. On the other side of the competition, the awards, there are teams like Buzz team 175 who won the 2002 National Chairman’s award. For this year there is team 237 who won the 2004 NJ regional and Aces high who won the 2004 BAE regional. Get ready for some competition! Good Luck! :slight_smile:

team 121 will see you there… tomorrow
Good Luck everyone, it should be fun

This is a known fact that UTC has its legend but I also got a sense this year there could very well being some sleeping giants and fresh blood! :yikes: I absolutly can’t wait it is going to be amazing!!!

I hope to see the sleeping giants and the fresh blood rise up from their past positions. Anything can happen in FIRST. It all comes down to the next three days and how you spend them.

10 hours I can’t wait! :slight_smile:

Good luck everyone!

Team 126 will see you there tomorrow.
I’ll be there friday and saturday.
Good luck to all teams attending.

Whos going to be cheering?

Team 782 will be there. I’ll be there all three days-good luck to all teams attending.

Heh, im not going to sleep tonight gotta love the UTC, good luck to everyone attending and be sure to stop by teams 521’s booth.

btw, for the ct teams has this not been a great week ? half day, delay and regionals ? come on is that not a great combo ? I proclaim this the best week in march !!!

Well, the field is set-up. I’ll be refing, so if you see me, come over and say hi. Good luck everyone!

UTC has also set up an internet station at the venue so you are able to hook up laptops.

That might just be true. :slight_smile:

Any possibility of hooking up a webcam to that internet station to broadcast from? Not a “real time webcam”, but more like a 5-10 second delay webcam.

Maybe we can work something out today (Thursday) and set it up for Friday and Saturday?
PLease talk to me tomorrow at Team 237’s pit Jon if this is possible, as my team would more than likely be interested in providing this service.

cool… and it’s SNOWING :ahh: :ahh: :ahh:


Snow or no snow, the tailgating party is still ON for Saturday morning (as of this posting)… We can all build snow-people in the parking lot! Or maybe snow-robot replicas???

Who Isn’t going to be?
… I fully believe that if on Sunday I have any voice left, then we weren’t cheering loud enough, hard enough, or long enough. ;).

YAAYYY… Wireless internet at the venue!!! we will be updating pictures to our picture site every hour… check www.pbase.com/sscamatt/robotics for updates. It will be under the UTC 2004 gallery.