UTC Scrim Video

Did anyone else there take video? We have the video of every match we played in, except for one. Of course that one was our best match of the day, scoring the highest QP of the day.

This match consisted of WPI doing it’s crab-dance across the top of the HDPE platform for the last 30 seconds for a lack of anything else to do. :cool: It really was impressive, and we would love to have video of this match. If anyone has it, please let me know. Thanks.

would there be any chance that you could post those videos on the web somewhere?


What player to you need to watch those videos. Probably a dumb question, but I just can’t get it to work, and really want to watch some robot action!

Windows Media Player

It won’t play it gives an error!!
I want to see!
Can u post in MPEG??

The audio sounds cool but pics would help!

yeah I just tried it and all I got was audio

me2- I even went in WMP and pasted the url but it couldn’t access the server…

go back to the parent directory and u can still see some pics…

also there in .wmv format

the only way i could get it to work was to download the newest windows media player from microsoft…

it works fine after doing that.


*Originally posted by Tom Schindler *
**the only way i could get it to work was to download the newest windows media player from microsoft…

it works fine after doing that.

Tom **


you know FIRST has started when you gotta download the newest windows media player, quicktime player, real player, and acrobat player in a span of few months…

Yeah I was kind of disappointed they put it in Windows Media 9. There is no player for the Mac for that codec, and I never liked files encoded in WMA anyway.

But hey, the video files were great. I was actually surprised that they had an official field. I was actually surprised a lot of robots were up and running.

wow that really gives an idea of how the competition could work.

Looks like I have to install another player on our teams computer!!:frowning:

At least next time please code into MPEG, so many players can use it on all platfroms.

For all of you people complaining about the player, I wasn’t distributing this video freely to everyone to begin with; someone else decided to search through my webspace and post the directory where I was storing it for my and my team’s own use.

I don’t mind that it is shared with everyone, but do not complain about something that I did not make to be cross-platform, etc. When I do things that I intend for large audiences I make sure that it is easily compatible with many systems.


Sorry about that, but things like that annoy me just a little. :wink:

wow not much stacking done that gives you alot of idea how its going to be and what happen to atnomous mode i only saw rage working

go RAGE!!