UTC Scrimmage Pictures


Some pics have been left out of the gallery as of now from requests from the respective teams.

Enjoy all the rest though.

Any questions about any of the pics, ask here and I’ll see if I can answer them.

*Video maybe coming soon.

Oh, and if anyone else has links to post of their galleries of the UTC scrimmage, post em here.

WOW, they look great. Thanks a lot. I will be waiting for the videos.

Our gallery is a bit more team-38 centric, but is avaliable here.

Elgin, why didn’t I see a 237 bot? Or a 195 bot for that matter.

Thats probally why… thanks for the pics anyway.

The 195 SECONDARY bot was there, not the real one. A few people stayed behind yesterday and worked on it while the others went with a temporary bot to see how to game was. If you want to see pictures of the real 195 bot, you can look on CD later tonight :slight_smile:

Why would teams still want to hide what thier robot looks like this late in the game (and if it was that big a deal why take it out to a pblic scrimmage?)? There is absolutely no time to steal someone’s design now.

That was a typo on my part I meant 175 :smiley: .
I know they had many people in their shirts there.

237 was not at the competition. And, I was juggling a camcorder, and a digital camera at the time, so I basically only focused on the actual field for information purposes, and not any specific robots… Well… . The ones that actually played matches after the camcorder died I did get some pics of.

Yea, Buzz’s bot wasn’t complete yet but because Enfield is adjacent to Suffield a few people from 175 attended the scrimmage as a research & scouting measure.