UTC to give more and Mike Sperber audio

Here is an article from a newspaper. Some may already have heard about this some may not have.


Here is a link to heard some audio by Mike Sperber our leader in Hartford. Nice job Mike.


United Technologies Corporation has had a long-term commitment to FIRST since the mid 90’s. They have had a lot of success with respect to recruiting new engineers, and granting internships to undergraduate engineers that eventually are hired upon graduation. It’s a win/win situation for the Corporation and the schools they are affiliated with. It’s great to see upper management recognizing this by expanding the program.

Not enough can be said about Mike Sperber’s committment to FIRST, along with the rest of the Regional Planning Committee, for doing a great job at the Connecticut Regional. Handling 62 teams without any serious glitches is amazing.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Woo! Go Sperbs!

After I moved from CT to NH, there were a couple of very good reasons why I chose to Volunteer Coordinate the CT Regional completely remotely. Working with Mike is one of them.

I happen to hear the end of todays CBIA spot on the radio. It was talking about commitment to teams. All I heard was they well commitment to already established teams. I was wondering in they were talking about UTC or not. So when I got back home I did a search for CBIA and found that stuff with Sperbs. I thought people might be interested in it. I am going to keep checking to see if they put up the audio that I heard today.

Yes Jess you and Sperbs do a great job.