UTC Videos of the Finals


Here is a couple videos of the finals if anyone wants to see them. Note there is audio in these videos, but it is very soft.

I have very limited bandwidth, and these videos can be taken down at anytime. I hope somebody who is interested can mirror them.

Aces High will set up a mirror for them hopefully by the end of today.

Here’s a mirror: http://www.fragsouth.com/UTC2006/

I have plenty of bandwith so download away.

Think anyone can boost the audio in those? I would, but I can’t find anything that can open a .m4v. If anyone can get them to me in AVI or MPEG or anoyher common format I would love that too. Thanks.

I might be able to, I just did it in this format because it was the easiest and fastest way.

Right now they are iPod format MPEG-4 movies. Apparently they don’t have a header in them, so you are going to have to download them to your computer and then play them.

To play these videos you can either use VLC or Quicktime 7. I sugguest you use VLC, you can increase the volume more than you can with Quicktime

Here is Aces High’s mirror.

I was able to hear them fine with the player volume maxed, and system volume maxed. I just don’t like to leave my computer set up that way for too long, because a single beep at max volume and it would be painful.

Maybe it is the lack of headers that is preventing me from opening them in any of my video editing software. What is nice about these videos vs. the ones my team took was that in these ones you can hear Andy Grady nice and loud announcing, and he adds a lot of excitement to matches.

What’s the source of these finals videos? I’d imagine the same source has archives of the rest of the matches?

No, unfortunately not, my team did not participate at UTC, and I was only around for the finals.

To my knowledge there was no other video recorders taping the official feed. You might be out of luck.