UTC's Awesome Show!

Who else thinks the team party/hypnosis show was the BEST thing ever. Please tell your favorite part of the show here…

Personallly, i liked when the guy from BOP was Nelly and everytime the kid from RAGE stole shoes.

I thought the nelly was pretty good. But the best part had to be the whole shoe stealing ordeal so i guess i agree with you. The comedian… was… interesting!.. :confused:

the kid from rage sealing shoes was definatly the best part, other good parts was when the girl from 237 threw her chair on the stage and pushed someone off another chair because she thought the chair was biting her.

The hypnosis show was great!!!
Best part was the shock of everyones head going down at the same time at the beginning of the show ( It was creapy :ahh: ), when all the males thought they were giving birth ( The look on their faces were great ), and when the two guys were you impersonating Nelly and Elvis was great.

That hypnosis show was awsome! I cant believe it actually worked. The shoe guy from RAGE was definitly the best, and when they were flipping through the channels watching tv and a buch of guys started crying at the sad movie :slight_smile: that was funny.

yeah, i was the kid in the maroon life is good shirt that left halfway through it. didn’t quite work on me. kinda dissapointed. but the rest of the show was cool.

The show was awesome…3 people from my team got it :slight_smile:
That shoe-stealing singing AKA Pink kid…you know how he set 11 on monday…
we soooo got a video camera in school and alll that good stuff, i’ll see if i can post the freaking out reaction, or we can just make him watch the tape we have :smiley:
That was an AWESOME show…amazing…everyone look up…click STUCK!

Two people from my team went up, and to me, seeing them do all of that stuff was hilarious.

It was funny when the guy from my team was “fluffing his pillow”, which happened to be the butt of the girl next to him. Then, later, he jumped up and shouted “Who’s Your Daddy!” whenever the hypnotist said “UTC”. And, when he was watching the “Saddest movie he’s ever seen,” he started crying and hugged the guy next to him.

The Girl from my team was screaming, and at the end of the show was “Christina”. The hypnotist made it so that she would think that she was never hypontized, and after the show, she was freaking out because she just lost a few hours of memory. We told her that the chicken they gave us might have been bad, and she spent the entire show in the bathroom. She isn’t supposed to realize that she was actually hypnotized until 11:00 monday morning. That’s probably about the time we’ll show her the tape. :smiley:

Yeah, the shoe thief was hilarious, and so was the kid who had to slap himself whenever he got a naughty thought. It took him about 1 second to slap himself the first time.

The comedian was hilarious too. I didn’t know what to expect for this party, but it may have been the greatest show I’ve ever seen.

If anyone has photos or video of Shelby throwing the chair or knocking the other people off the chairs can you E-mail them to me. She doesn’t remember it and would like to see it.


My teacher said he had the camera set up and filming the entire hypnosis show. I haven’t seen it, so I don’t know how it came out. I probably won’t be able to get the video myself until the week after next, so if you still want it then, I’ll send it to you.

on page 6 of the UTC Regional Updates thread, there is a link to a few of the videos from the hypnosis show. My 56k is really slow, so I’m still downloading the first one. I don’t know if the video you’re looking for is there.

the url: http://www.team195.com/video/video.html


Read the previous post, and click the ballerina file.
That video features her.

Did anyone notice that everytime the girl would scream, the kid would slap himself becuase he had a dirty thought?! that was hialrious, casue i can hardly imagine what he was thinking :yikes:

I LOVED IT!!! Definately one of the best things FIRST has put on. I also liked the comedion LAST year at the NH regional. He started dissing on Rhode ISland, so we cheered of course, and brought some attention to us. Then he started making fun of snow plow men, and it just so happens that one of our builders on the team is a snow plow man. So we had to embarress him and point him out. He eventually got a hilarious personal attack from the comedian, and I was just rolling. So after all this, our builder now where’s a custom tee, with snow plow man written on the back.

I have one quam however with the hypnotist. I was picked to go upstage, and he sent me off!!! Grrrrrrrr. I guess I’m just too smart to be hypnotized. :wink: lol

The Hypnotist said he flew in from Atlanta…

I hope they bring him back to do a performance there too. Now that I know what this entails, I want to go up on stage and be hypnotized!!! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. I was PM’d right after I put up my previous post and they gave me a link to the ballerina. I emailed Shelby the link shortly after that.

I sounds like the hypontist was just as successful as at VCU in 2002: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3022

Hey, hypnotist are cool even though I have yet to be hypnotized :rolleyes: …I went to one show and was selected and was the only person who didn’t even go into a trance thingy, I was bummed I just wodner why that is

yeah, i was picked to go up, and i ws hypnotized…i dont remember a thing, but i have seen the video. i didnt have ne special things i did, i just did everything the rest of the guys did. i’m in the videos that are posted online, i’ve got the Stonehill College sweatshirt on and i’m sitting next to the shoe stealer. i never believed in that stuff until it happened to me…it is real guys, as hard as it is to believe

peace out

show was great period. nough said!!! the BAE was horrible, this hypnotist was a great absolutely beutiful… BUT all 3 of the kids (2 students 1 alumni) got booted off stage during the first part… bah would have made great stories =D and if anyone gets some tape of monday around 11am i would absolutely LOVE to see all of them =D

I posted the video of shelby throwing her chair. Go to: http://www.team195.com/video/video.html

It’s near the end of the clip and the clip is called: “UTC Regional Hypnotist - Swatter, Shoe Stealer, Chairs”