UVA FTC competition Thank You from 1086

On Behalf of team 1086 I would love to thank all of the people that made this event possible! the volunteers, refs, our UVA sponsors, and all of the others from Virginia FIRST who worked so hard to put this event on!
We would also like to thanks teams 177 twisted bots, and team 3061 Holy Rollers 2 for joining our alliance and for competing so hard through the finals! Without you guys we wouldn’t have come close to winning the event, and owe a lot to you!!
and finally…thank you to all of the other competitors for making this such a fun event to attend, and all of the award winning teams including the teams from Battlefield High School, Team Tiki, Holy Rollers, Twisted Bots 2, and any others i am forgetting.

We look forward to this event next year and hope to see some of you at Championship!!!

Team 1086

Another great win from a great team, Congrats! Now, to see if we can’t get 35 to Atlanta…