UW Ri3D 2019 - Wrap Up

UW Ri3D 2019 is a wrap! We’ve had a blast designing and building our Deep Space robot over the past 3 days. It’s a great challenge this year and we can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

With over 400 new rookie teams this year, we chose to design a robot which we thought rookie teams could build during their first season. We focused on scoring hatches and cargo on the low goals, and achieving a level 2 climb. Check out the robot design video for a full recap. We’ll be answering any of your Ri3D or Deep Space questions down below. Good luck on build season and we hope to see you all for Ri3D 2020!

UW Ri3D 2019 - Robot Design
CAD Files
Day 3 Recap
Day 2 Recap
Day 1 Recap