V - Belt

So I have been working on a drivetrain cad model that uses v-belt as its primary transmission system. I have run into a small problem in the design accelerator. The v belt dimensions that I would be using are not in inventor. So I was curious if there was any way to add your own profile to the design accelerator. Thanks ahead of time,


I am not an expert with Inventor, but have used it in the past; again not for v-belts specifically.

During my time with Baja we used the Tube/Pipe design accelerator. We also had to add our own tubing to the library that Inventor is pulling from. I am not sure exactly how we did it, but we were able to find some good tutorials online. Look for the YouTube ones as they typically walk you through it instead of just providing words to follow.

I was able to find a basic help file that should help you get started.

I would assist in the looking of YouTube videos, but I can’t view them from work. Please let me know if this helps.

Just curious, what are you designing that requires a v-belt?

Here is a link to creating your own library and adding parts/components to it.

I know these are not click-for-click tutorials, but should be enough to get you started and clicking around. Let us know of any progress.

Thanks for the links I will look into those. I am designing a variant on the west coast drive using live axles and v belt. It is mainly for practice. Over the summer I have been cadding different drive trains to keep practiced and learn about tools I haven’t used yet in case I have to use them during season.

Just curious, even for practice purposes, why v-belts versus timing belts versus chain, etc? What are some considerations you are making?


if really desperate to find an exact size that isn’t in the library, there is always the option of making the new belt from scratch (would give plenty of practice).

I was thinking that they wanted a V-belt because it was easy to machine the pulleys. This was one of the “simple” projects I did during my intro to manufacturing class.

A lathe is all you would need. Sure some other tooling would be nice. But a lathe is all you would need to make your own pulleys. Food for thought.