V-Plow bot?

Hi, my team wants to make the front of the robot in a triangular, wedge-like shape, but in the orientation of that of a V-plow, instead of like the wedge-bots on Battlebots and the like.
This sounds pretty sketchy to me since it still seams like a wedge-bot design to me, one that pushes through bots instead of more maliciously flipping them over.

What do you all think? Is this legal?

To me this is still considered a plow bot and would be illegal. Just my 2 cents.

The anti-wedge rule has to do with vertical orientation, to minimize tipping of another robot. All faces in the bumper zone must be within 10 degrees of vertical.

There is nothing prohibiting acute angles on the robot frame. Of course it won’t be completely pointed, because there will be a bumper protecting the corner.

Were you thinking of something like is illustrated in The Robot, rule R08, Figure8-2 but possibly with more angle on the sides which come to a point? (top view)

Given that the bumper rules are followed (both sides of all exterior corners of the bumper perimeter), and that the point does not pose a hazard to personnel or the arena elements/game pieces, seems possible. Q & A would be an good option, though they might tell you they can’t comment on a particular robot design.

i agree with the anti-wedge rule vertical not horizontal…

Think about it… if there were an anti-wedge rule on robots in the horizontal configuration all robot would have to be round…??

It is a anti-tipping rule and not an “anti-wedging past” rule.

A word of caution though… if you use this wedge aggressively and you make robots tip with it… I believe you will face penalties anyway…

Intentionally tipping over robots/trailers is not permitted.

Thanks for the clarification guys. I still don’t like the idea due to other technical issues with the other parts of the current design, so I’m going to work on convincing them otherwise. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks again.