v0.1 Opinions [MMRambotics.ca]

I’ve deployed v0.1 of http://mmrambotics.ca, absolute minimal functionality is there and we’re still lacking content (most of what was available last year hasn’t been transitioned over yet). None the less I would appreciate opinions on the current functionality and layout.

We’ve tested in the latest versions of Chome, Safari, Opera and Firefox 2-8; still working on IE but it looks relatively fine in IE8.

EDIT: Source code at http://github.com/mmrambotics/mmrambotics.ca

Looks great! Love the in-depthness of the “about the site” page, for example - if you make every page look that awesome, you’ll have a top-notch website :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s the plan! FWIW, the about the site page still isn’t done either.

Working on some responsive design stuff currently that isn’t pushed yet.