V2.00 of LV Trajectory, Miscellaneous control, state space control library release

A new release package was put on github today.

The trajectory library only has a few bug fixes. They are listed in the package description.
This release also contains a lot of new items that are a part of the WPILIB state space control and simulation library. This part of the library is a work in progress. (User beware). A number of things are not complete – or even started yet. Documentation is lacking. However the WPILIB documentation should match. The separate github samples/utilities repository contains some samples using this part of the library.


A new release was published today – V2.03.

It contains a lot of new – simpler – menu items, some bug fixes, and some new features

There are also updates to the Samples, Test, Utilities library.


Awesome! Thank you for maintaining this library - it’s a lifesaver for LabVIEW teams.

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I will second how wonderful this has been, putting us on par with the default libraries from wpilib. We used the path planning successfully for last year’s challenges. We are implementing swerve right now,and looking closely at the swerve odometry for future autonomous.

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@MazeOfEncryption, @Tom_Line Thank you. It has been mostly a fun and educational adventure. I’d really like to hear your feedback, either here or as GitHub enhancement issues. I’m especially interested in how to optimize and organize the menus, what other “snippet” menu items would be useful, and what other aggregate LabVIEW style vi would be useful.

A new release was published today - V2.04

The trajectory create utility has very significant changes for more visual interaction. Updated the install package to add a LabVIEW 2020 installer too and put the pathfinder SO file in the correct directory for auto deployment to the roboRIO. Also added some additional VI, finished more documentation, updated the menus to put more common things in a few menus at the top.

The accompanying sample/utility project has a number of updates as well including sample robot build specifications include trajectory file auto deployment to roboRIO. Separated play with programs from more formal library test project. Added some additional sample projects for benchmarking the Diff Drive Pose Est and Swerve Drive Pose Est.

See the release notes for additional things.

Happy roboting !

I’m sure you get sick of hearing this, but THANK YOU.

One more release, V2.05. This one is by far the most complete and most documented. One of the biggest additions is PathPlanner 2.0 LabVIEW port is included as an optional install. It has its own menu. See the release notes for other changes and additions. Except for adding the new fields to the utility programs, and unless there are issues, this will likely be the last release for a while…

I’d really like to hear back, privately or publicly, with specifics of what you think of the functionality, the menus, documentation, etc…

Happy roboting!

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Added new release that includes 2022 field for offline trajectory creation utilities.

See the release notes for other changes and additions.

There is an install file for LabVIEW 2020. Make certain to get the NIPKG files needed.

This may be the last release for LabVIEW 2019.

If you don’t use the library but want to use the offline trajectory creation tool, use the package in this repository.

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Added a new release today. This one has the following changes:

  • New holonomic execute function (and samples)
  • Changed Bang Bang VI execute properties to work around LabVIEW 2020 compiler issue.

There is also some updates samples in the that repository too.

  • Robot sample 8 uses holonomic execute to traverse trajectory
  • New samples
  • Simulated Romi robot.

happy roboting


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