VA Tech Shooting - Thoughts Go Out to 401/VT

If you haven’t heard, there was a shooting in the dorms and in the engineering/science halls during class. Some were shot in class, with atleast 21 dead.

I have many friends at VT, including many alumni of 384, 1086, and 1541.

I hope everyone is ok.

I just read about this on the Toronto Star. Hope everybody is ok and my thoughts and prayers go to the families of the victims

I’m desperately trying to get in touch with everyone I know at Tech, but so far I have only been able to contact one, and she knows no more than we do. My wishes and feeling extend to the families of the victims, and I hope that the 21+ wounded all recover.

Team 612’s consolations and prayers go out to the families and friends of the 22 students (EDIT: 31 students and faculty) killed in today’s shooting at the VA Tech campus in Blacksburg, VA.

team 540 hopes everyone and everyone related to team 401 hokie guard is ok. our prayers go out to those at Tech.

I hope for the best, and I hope the 4 critically injured, or the 24 other injured do not join the 22 already deceased. I have been able to confirm most of my friends are okay, but my prayers and wishes extend out to anyone who is affected.


My mom checked me out of school today. All of Montgomery County schools were locked down, but we’re able to get out slowly. My classmates are still in school. One of my buddies is on the rescue squad and he got word that 31 were dead. The official number is 22 (21+shooter), but I just heard on the radio that there are 32 (including the shooter).

It seems that the shooter shot two people in the dorm in the morning, yet classes continued as usual. In roughly 2 hours, he traveled across campus to one of the Engineering buildings and entered and opened fire in two classrooms. A instructor (not clear if it was a TA or a professor) is believed to be among one of the victims.

I have many friends and aquaintances in the engineering department. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.

Not a great way to come back from Atlanta…:frowning:

its good to hear that some of yall are safe, but im still worried about mike and others in tech’s engineering program

Mike Trelease is OK. I talked to him earlier today. He was the first guy I called. Norris hall’s classrooms are used for more than just engineering, and word is not out as to which of the the rumoured 2 classrooms/classes the gunman entered.

Gabe is OK. No word from the other 401 mentors yet.

I’ve been watching this on MSNBC for a few hours, and it looks like the death toll has risen. All of my thoughts will be with the families and students today, as well as 401. What a horrible incident, especially only a couple days after the Championship (which 401 attended).
I hope that everyone affected will be alright.

its now reported as 31 dead :frowning:

I just found out about this and I can’t believe it. My thoughts will be with all the students and their familys.

Hey all “Mike T” here. As far as i know the HOkie Guard of 401 is safe, including all our mentors and students. Thanks to all of those who showed their concern and are praying for our safety. This is just a horrible tragedy, can’t believe all of this is happening now. My prayers go to the families of those killed or injured.

We from team 292 are glad that everyone from team 401 is safe. I know when I first saw this that my thoughts went very quickly to the team from that area. Our prayers go out to those that are effected by this, those that are injured, the 32 people killed (that’s the number at this time), or even just students on VA Tech’s campus.

Thank god you guys are alright. What about Robert or anyone else?

As a Hokie alumni with lots of ties to (wife, brother, sister-in-law) and love for the university, I am in a state of shock that something like this could happen in such a peaceful university community. My thoughts and prayers are with all of the VT students, faculty, families, and the community. If there is anything that I can personally do (or that of team 2068) for anyone involved in this tragedy, please do not hesitate to contact me.

2168’s prayers and thoughts are with the victims and their families. Glad to hear all of 401 is safe. Pray the count stays at 32.

Christopher G. McKenzie

I am also a Virginia Tech alum.

Team 111 sends our thoughts and prayers for VT’s students, faculty and families.

It is encouraging to hear that the members of Team 401 are safe.


Just thought I’d let you know that somebody announced they were going to do it on 4chan today. They posted it around 5:00 AM this morning.

Other things that have actually happened on 4chan (just to say that some people on here are serious) include someone videotaping their own suicide and the origin of the national scare of bombing sports arenas were people on 4chan.

Hello All…

First and foremost we need to keep the families of the victims of this horrible
act in our thoughts and prayers. They need us now more than ever.
Please keep this in mind.

I first heard of this, this morning while at work and tried to keep up with it
as i could thru out the day. Our lead teacher and her husband are both graduates of Tech along with her oldest daughter so they are very close
to all there. Her youngest daughter is in her second year there and ok.
One of our mentors has a daughter in her third year and is a engineering
student. She is fine also. Our team is like a large family and we try to keep up
with one another and help out when we can.

We have been next to 401 in the pits at VCU and routed for them in 2006
(they won VCU that year) and when we were off the field in 2007.
While we don’t know each other very well…we do talk and such and their
mentors have given us many ideas for our team.

I hope things can get back to normal at Tech (as normal can be after something like this) and Tech will continue the be the excellent school it is.
One thing thats not mentioned here much is that they hold a FLL competition
at Tech each year and a couple of our team students have been to it.
Our lead teacher while a Tech grad and FRC team leader is also the team
leader for our local FLL team.

God bless the Hokies