Vacuum motor swap legal?


If I have a vacuum assembly and if we swap the ac motor to a legal motor is this legal to use? What category does it fall under?

Open to other legal vacuum suggestions.






There’s no citation needed as there aren’t any rules that constraint this outside of using a legal motor.


Using a legal motor, teams can modify an impeller assembly, as long as it also meets all other aspects of robot rules, cost rules, and safety.



It falls under the category of all the robot rules
It has to fit inside the robot.
The robot has to weigh less than 125 lbs
You have to account for the cost. IE it is the cost of the vacuum pump as received if the component parts are not available separately.
There is no rule against replacing a non listed motor with a listed motor.
For a different solution, I would look at one of the cordless tool vacuums (Ryobi, ETC) and change out the motor.


In 2010 a number of teams found that many rechargeable shop vacs use 550 size motors, so the swap is very easy. We tried the Dewalt one ourselves with good results. That was in the days of the very powerful fisher price motors, however. So it may not be as viable an option anymore.