Vacuum Pump Question

I have a question, are we allowed to use a vacuum pump on our robot this year? For example, the P2010 vacuum pump from the 2007 KOP. If so, can someone show us, or tell us how to hook this up on our robots pneumatic system this year?

here is the link for the part

<R72-H> excludes vacuum pumps/generators from pneumatics rules, but states that they still must satisfy all other rules. IIRC, that one is a venturi generator, which is specifically called out as permitted as long as it is powered by a legal power source.

Is it COTS currently? If so, legal. If not, see <R33> and <R34> for a better determination.

can you use a vacuume to hold a ball in place… is that legal?

Provided that you don’t pull the ball to more than 3" inside the frame perimeter, and that your particular device satisfies all the applicable robot rules from Section 8 of the Manual, yes. Search CD using the search term “suction” and I can almost guarantee you’ll find at least one thread discussing it.