Vacuum Seal Material

In preparation for another offseason competition, we want to add a suction climb mechanism. As we are gathering the materials to make this possible, may anyone please point me as to where I can find the suction material that forms the sealant onto the hab platform? Any help is very appreciated! Thanks!

You’re going to want to be looking for closed cell foam, or gasket type material
We were getting somewhere around 1000+ lbs of downforce on a 12x12x1/8" plate and the sparkfun 12v pump with this material as the gasket: This is quite a bit narrower and thinner than what other teams ended up with, but it held suction for consistently ~3 minutes and a bit more when wet iirc.

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This is super helpful. Thank you! Also I didn’t know 330 had suction climb! Was this for offseason or for fun?

Our team was kind of wildly throwing around eggs to increase endgame points in the weeks before champs (none ended up in any baskets). We were developing a suction climb cheesecake with [other local area team] where they were doing the climb part and I* was doing the suction part, which we were already investigating for ourselves. Slightly before that, we were looking at a 10lb triple climb that was dismissed after some human simulation testing.

*I have a scratched pair of glasses to prove it. Long story.


now i want to know the long story


Any video? And were any freshmen harmed in the production? :astonished:

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