Valedictorian speeches

At my high school, our valedictorian is not the student with the best GPA, but rather she is picked by the administration and some teachers based on a speech she submits. I know a few schools who opperate the same way as we do in terms of valedictorian and I think it is a good system. So I am about to write a speech. With this opportunity to be judged based soley on what I have to say to my classmates I wanted to get some input as to what YOU would want to hear on your graduation day. I would hate to bore people with cliche sayings. So what do you think are some important words of wisdom or anything at all you would like said by a valedictorian? Thanks for your input!!

Well, at the HS I went to, the one who did the actual class speech and the valedictorian were two different people. The person doing the class speech had that whole submission contest for best speech or what not…and the valedictorian is the one with the best grades.

I did mine totaly off the wall… I wanted to find a theme, that represented me, what I did, and could tie it in with a message to my class. In result, I came up with a speech about myself and my class with the theme of Douglas Adams.