Valeo window motor

Does anyone know the pitch and pressure angle of the spur gear on the Valeo window motor. :confused:

The gear on that motor is a 20 Degree Pressure Angle gear.

The gear is 12 Tooth, 16 Diametral Pitch, Stub, 20 Degree Pressure Angle,

The gear is a “Stub” tooth gear, but it can mate okay with a full depth gear if you increase the center distance a bit from the theoretical number. Another option is to put shave the OD of the standard gear by .4"/DP, which in this case is .4/20 or .020"

If you are making your own gear, then of course, just make the gear a stub gear to begin with – (.8/DP for the addendum, 1/DP for the dedendum).

Good Luck.

Joe J.

Thanks Joe…I thought it was a 16 pitch and something not available from Small Parts. Hopefully, FIRST will reinstate the “any size and any amount of sprockets, gears, and pulleys” rule for 2002.

My bad.

Yes the gear is a 16 DP gear.

I said that in one spot but missed it in another.

The OD of a standard gear should be cut .4"/16 = 0.025" in order to mate properly with the stub gear on the Valeo window motor.

Joe J