Valor CAD Challenge Tonight! Live giveaways 830pm ET

The Valor CAD Challenge (VCC) is a 5-day challenge for FTC and FRC students interested in elevating their CAD skills through friendly competition. Participants, competing solo or in teams of 2-3, will be tasked to design an FTC robot in CAD software to compete in a fictional FTC game. Alongside the robot, teams will also have to submit a press release. This a page long document detailing their strategy, design process, and the robot’s mechanisms. These submissions will be analyzed by a set of judges to determine a winner.

The VCC allows for newer FTC participants to experience the rapid problem solving and design phase of a competition season while challenging more experienced members to elevate the quality and effectiveness of mechanisms in a short period of time.

This 5-day challenge will simulate the design process of a competition season while providing a unique hands-on opportunity to strengthen problem-solving skills and CAD design principles through a fun and competitive event.

If you are interested in competing, please fill out the interest survey provided below. This will help us gauge the interest of the competition.

Official Signups will open on July 1st

The game will be revealed July 15th at 12:01 AM CST

All submissions will be due by Midnight (12:00 CST) July 19th

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Sounds fun, I have never tried a cad challenge before but looks cool.

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Tomorrow, July 24th, at 8:30pm ET we will be broadcasting the results of the CAD Challenge on FIRST Updates Now! Make sure to tune in:

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We have a ton of giveaways for tonight’s show from goBilda! See you at 830pm et!

1st place team: FTC Competition Kit

2nd place team: Mecanum Wheel Set

3rd place team: Shaft Beams Bundle

Random entry team: (8 pack) of Hyper & Sonic Hubs

Live audience giveaways (more poeple you get on the better chance you have to win. Subs get 5x chance!)

Mecanum Wheel Set

Set of (4) Dual Mode Servos

Low Channel Bundle

Stream is about to start! Check out the game challenge at Join us at for a chance to win some awesome giveaways from goBILDA!

Wow! What an awesome set of submissions shown last night. These entries absolutely rocked and blew away my expectations. Thanks again to for all the awesome prizes for the teams and audience giveaways!

If you didn’t catch the stream last night here’s the rankings breakdown:
Ranks 1-3 Valor CAD Challenge - Supershot
Ranks 4-10 Valor CAD Challenge - Supershot
Ranks 11-24 Random Valor CAD Challenge - Supershot

Here’s the first place submission!

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This is so exciting that there is an FTC version of the CAD-a-thon. All of the submissions were very impressive (including the first place winner from Maelstrom and second place winner from our FTC sister team Wannabe Strange) /[shameless plug]

I hope this becomes a regular event.