Value CNC (Price Limit $6000)

Before I go in-depth, I’d like to make it known that I acknowledge that there are plenty of threads similar to this, although I have trouble organizing and going through them, and picking out specific information that is contributary to us. So I would appreciate any help on this thread, whether it’s redirection or information.

It’s no secret that with 2021’s proposed plan, teams are considering not registering, and using that money in the budget elsewhere. Our team has been considering this option and its benefits. We were curious about CNC machining capabilities. Our team is ahem not the most wealthy, but we’d like to start an investment for a capable CNC machine. Below are some of CNC characteristics we’d appreciate:

  • Under $6000
  • Approx. 32’’ x 24’’ x 5’’
  • Aluminum Alloy, Polycarb cutting potential
  • Easy-to-learn
  • Wired and maybe wireless connect

This is an investment for our team, so we’d like something higher quality. As much as we’d rather not, we can step outside our $6000 budget, but only if necessary.

Now: We have looked at the Omio X8-2200

Does anyone have any experience with these machines, and could you give some words of wisdom based on your time using these?
And for tooling, and maintenance is there a preferred, or common location/market to go.

Thanks for your time, any help is appreciated. I apologize for the redundancy as this is entirely new to my team.



The Omio X8-2200-USB was probably the single most impactful machine investment we’ve made as a team. Highly recommended-- our last two robots have been almost entirely manufactured on ours.

We outfitted ours with a FogBuster misting setup and a ton of Huhao 4mm bits. People like larger ones, but we like the 4mm because they let us avoid tool changes.

I’d also recommend reading through this thread, which has a ton of useful knowledge.


Gonna be a bit pedantic here: the Omio model you want is “X8-2200L-USB”
The L is for the linear rail option, and USB is for the USB based controller, as opposed to their EPL integrated control system. While the integrated controller looks like it’s just $150 to not have a tethered laptop, you reeeeeeally don’t want to have to deal with it; Mach3 gives you much more functionality and there’s an online community to help troubleshoot.


Yes - my bad. Thanks for the correction! Again, I have no experience with CNC’s, but the USB option after some more research does seem better. Why pay $150 for a function that I won’t use, and it’s not like our team isn’t operating at speeds in which I have to do everything wirelessly. I can’t even figure out how to work with wireless printers (I’m kidding).


Get the thing, they are good machines. With planning you can usually make a belly pan with one of these machines.

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