Value of Robotics team compared to ...

Does anyone have access to the article printed by atomic robotics last year? The article compared the cost of athletic teams versus robotics teams and its impact. The article also listed the number of students attending college from athletic and robotic teams. I went to their website and it says their account has been suspended.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Mr. b

I’ve found the thread you are thinking of:

I see what you mean; Atomic Robotics’ website does seem to have vanished, along with the article in question. I’ll check if there is a Wayback Machine cache for their site…

I have scoured the Wayback Machine’s archive for that website, and there is unfortunately no sign of a cached version of that particular article. It looks like your only hope is that someone (perhaps someone from Atomic Robotics, such as staplemonx?) might have a copy of it somewhere else.

I just checked the link provided in the OP. The website appears to be back up, with the article you’re looking for.