Value of Trench Robot?

How many teams found being able to go under the trench useful? For those that went to week 0 events, how many teams were trench robots vs how many were tall? Will trench bots have a game changing advantage or not so much?

Personally my team went tall because climbing is a necessity and the design challenges of a low trench bot with a climb was too complicated.

Was shooting from the protected zone useful? Were tall robots backing up into the trench run to shoot protected?

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We’ve had discussions here about the trade offs. I haven’t heard about week 0 results really changing anyone’s mind about it.

If you could not figure out a way to hang with a low robot, then tall would be the correct choice for your team, IMO

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Our robot this year is a trench bot and have no trouble with climbing, spinning the control panel or shooting at this point in time. We have found the trench to be beneficial due to be protected and also being able to shoot from the control panel having an impact as there isn’t much defense due to frame perimeters.

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The value of a trench bot is inversely proportional to the number of trench bots.


There’s already a thread, and this is my post, and I stand by it: Trench run capability

TL;DR: You need probably need one robot to score balls introduced from your loading station. The robot doesn’t have to cross the centerfield to do that. Make sure that your strategy plays well with others. Short vs. tall doesn’t play into this a whole lot.

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