Values of Vault Positions

With the three different power-ups available, there is a question of which power-ups to use, and which level of power-up has the most value. My team (2012-Team Paradox) discussed this at our kickoff and determined the relative point value of each power-up:

Level | Force | Boost | Levitate
3-----| 15 pts | 15 pts—| 35 pts
2-----| 15 pts | 5 pts----| 5 pts
1-----| 15 pts | 15 pts—| 5 pts

This is made on the assumption that each power-up is used to maximize points earned. That is, Force when the team loses possession of the switch and/or scale, Boost when the team has possession of the switch and/or scale, and Levitate if not all three robots climb.

The points offered for scale are doubled because we determined that, since every second of owning the scale also implies the opponent NOT owning the scale, there is a two point SWING. Absolute points are different, but we believe that, because of the point swing, owning the scale is twice as valuable as owning a switch.