Van Door Motor Problem

Did the sticker on the motor call out the same part number as the one I attached a thumbnail of, or the spec sheet motor? Cause they seem to be two different models, and/or part numbers. :frowning:

Sorry I didn’t check it, but I will tommorow and let you know

I opened ours up. This year’s has a ~104 tooth worm gear (as best as I can count without complete disassembly) and a worm with two threads for a 52:1 reduction. A prior year’s (with a 75rpm free speed) had a 65 tooth worm gear and a single thread worm. So the speed reduction is not due to the gearing.

Ok. What was the part number on the sticker of yours?

Tested ours, this years 51 rpm battery voltage 12.4, Last years 78 same battery voltage. Both will back drive with a wrench, BTW no speed difference on this years motor forward or backward. Sticker on the motor is similar to one further up in the post. Didn’t check the numbers yet. Will do and and edit this post. Ours is the rev 02 and part number 16644829 the same as the pic posted by Elgin Clock post #19
Tom Cooper 1227

Wow, our motor number (16640238 rev 4) is different from both the spec sheet and the thumbnail above. Today, we did a whole lot of testing with textbooks and a multimeter on it, and we’ll come up with a power curve for this given model, and post it up if anyone cares/is willing to believe our Überghetto experiments. What’s really annoying is that there are 4 different models of the “same” motor mentioned in this thread only… What does FIRST have to say on this variety?

Yeah… ours was going slower than previous years motors have. i am not sure about the RPM’s though.

My reply is a bit off, but…

HOW do you attch the shrift of the Van door to a gear or spock

We filed/drilled a tiny ‘dent’ into the shaft and tightened a setscrew into it. There are othe ways, too.

I didn’t time our motor, but our arm was geared based on the specsheet and performing exactly as expected (time/torque wise).

We got a full 80 rpm from ours on a charged battery.

please keep unrelated topics out of this thread…thanks

ok well the people from FIRST finally got back to the Q and A question we posted about having 50RPM on the Taigene Van Door Motor and the answer was…

Please contact Your motor sounds like it is defective.

But then the question was deleted off the system… I don’t get it… :sigh:

Oh well, at least we got an answer.

Here’s our model number. 50 rpm both directions @12.4v.



We all know that last year’s van doors are basically the same, and have normal unscrewy rpms, the ones that everyone expected. My question is, are they legal to use on this years bot? And… what if they are supposed to be the same part number? The motors would be identical then.

As for all the motor variaties… FIRST maybe wanted it to be that way. To give us a bunch of different motors. But… that doesnt sound very fair, does it? I might be going a bit to far… but I think FIRST should replace all the wierd motors that we have with the normal ones like last years, at no expense to teams. I personally don’t mind too much because we aren’t screwed by this. We can still redesign and make out mechanisms… but what about teams that have made everything and can’t make new parts? But hey… just my opinion.

So far, in the absence of a ruling to the contrary, if an old-style Tiagene van door motor were shipped to any team this year, I’d tend to consider that motor fair game for all.

It’s quite safe to assume that they don’t want to do this. Like the F-Ps, they seem to have accidentally obtained a mixed lot, without correct specifications.

A point for the team forums, when they arrive, later in the year: let’s make sure that any kit motor or significant component is accompanied by a model number and corresponding specification document, and that these are checked in advance for accuracy.

Has anyone found a resolution to this problem yet? I posted this just now:

ID: 1624 Section: 5.4 Status: Unanswered Date Posted: 2/13/2005
Q: Our van door motor, labeled “bad” has a serial number of 16640238, while the motor spec’d in the FIRST spec sheets is 16638628(appears to be last year’s). Our motor has an RPM only max of 52rpm, spec is 76rpm, what do we do??

Since it seems like all the other questions asked by other teams on this issue were deleted, I figured I would try again.

As the question states, we are seeing the same thing mentioned in this thread. Our van door motor has a different serial number than the specification document on the FIRST 2005 motor spec:

We have checked all of our wiring, and even run straight from 12.8V, and the motor will only spin a maximum of 52RPM!!! We had planned and designed around the specification of 76RPM, but now our lift is way too slow!!

We got frustrated and went to try last year’s motor (bought from the FIRST garage sale). When we plugged that motor in it sparked like crazy. So we opened it up. The motor we bought had a cracked magnet!! So we went to switch the casing with the new motor so we could test the old motor, and decided to open them up. What we found disturbed us:
The one on the right is this years motor, the one on the left is last year’s motor. While it is possible they made a drastic change in the gearing as seen to account for the motor, the gearing in the boxes seems to match our 52rpm/76rpm issue. And it just seems funny that the motor was labeled “bad” when we got it.

Does anyone know if last year’s motor is legal?? It would seem so since that is what the specification document references.


We tested our motor speeds and got 80 rpm’s for both this years and last years motors.
As to using last years, how could they tell if you do? They look the exact same. :wink:

well first of all gracious professionalism will tell you not to do that but there are also differences in the appearance of last years motor vs this years

last year had a completely round casing around the motor windings , and output shaft with a flat then a space and then treads, as well as a waffle pattern on the back of the gear casing

this year has a more square casing, a different flat/thread pattern on the shaft, a flat back on the gear case, and a different hole pattern

any inspector with any experience should be able to tell the difference almost instantaneously

I do not have the part number for our Vandoor motor, but a quick time based off a charged battery gave ~80 RPM in one direction, about 5-10 rpm slower in the other. This was a really quick and dirty count over 15 seconds, so take it with a grain of salt. Still, it sounds like we have a ‘fast’ motor.

-Andy A.