Vanilla Coke..good? bad?

Don’t know if they have it out everywhere yet, but here we have this new Vanilla Coke stuff. Anyone else tried it yet? I think it’s pretty good. Tates kinda like vanilla-flavored coffee to me. I dunno. It’s real sweet and farely good…no where as good as Dew, though…oh well…

It doesnt come out here till Wednesday (or atleast thats what the 2 page article in our paper said today)…

We have a Coca-Cola bottling factory here in my town and the person they interviewed from Coca-Cola said that he expects it to be almost as big as Diet Coke…


Also keep an eye out for the new “Pepsi Blue”

Hmm… remember the Pepsi Kohna?/ the coffee pepsi stuff and clear pepsi.?.. i love failed sodas…

Jones soda makes a vanilla soda, not sure if it tastes like vanilla coke. Jones isnt a very big company and sure isnt around my town, its good stuff

they havent had either pesi blue or vanilla coke near me…i cant wait to try vanilla coke…i know it tastes good @ nifty fifties…but i havent had cokes version

mmm… did everyone try the soda at Epcot from different countries? I went back to that place several times. Watermelon soda = YUM!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been drinking Vanilla Coke for years!!! Everytime I go to Denny’s or Steak N Shake I get a Coke with Vanilla. I can’t believe they’re finally bringing it out for real now!! Very smart of them!! Also that Jones Cola is really good. I was going through a store while at Nats and I saw it, it was like $1.25 a bottle and I had to try the Cream Soda and the GREEN APPLE soda. VERY VERY GOOD!!! So all in all… try Green Apple and Vanilla sodas… good stuff.

BTW… what’s the Pepsi Blue stuff?? A blue-berry Pepsi much like the Mountain Dew Code Red (cherry)??

Well in Oklahoma and surrounding areas there are gas stations called “Quik Trip” or just QT around here, and they have cherry and vanilla in the soda fountain in the back so you can mix your own drink and syrup to you liking (or as i like to do just get a cup of vanilla, but dont tell anyone) i take it that they dont have this everywhere? well they should anyway, its awesome


“vanilla dew tastes horrible”

i have never liked vanilla personally…my favorite flavors when i go to a soda fountain are choc. and raspberry



That just sounds too sweat, kinda like sugar covered sugar with a caramel sauce with a sprinkling of sugar on top.

Ive been making vanilla coke for years…so thats a good thing

Anyone remember clear pepsi? It was good…but they had to pull it off the market because an ingrediant caused cancer? (I think)

That’s right!!!

Dr.Pepper says they are releasing a new flavor called “Dr. Pepper Red Fusion”…

Ladies and Gentlemen…Let the soft drink flavor battle begin!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Red Fusion

yea, they’re fighting like 2 alley cats… new flavors left and right…

Vanilla Coke… sounds like it has potential.

Re: Pepsi Blue, though… 'bout three months ago my friend/teammate (LIRudie on C.D.) and I got bored at the mall one day, and as we were near broke at the time we decided to go to the market research place and get paid to take a survey. So my friend gets to go into a little booth and answers questions on the effectiveness of a new advertisement for a concept soda called “Pepsi Blue.” 15 minutes later, our reward is $5 and two bottles of this new Pepsi Blue to “test out at home.”

Let me tell you… it’s bloody nasty-tasting.

Think, like, carbonized hawaiian punch. But not the good red flavor, blue flavor. It literally is blueberry and raspberry soda. And I thought Crystal Pepsi was a stupid idea…

(Oh yeah, and Jones Cherry. Makes you feel warm all over.)

blue pepsi looks like windex. if i ever drunk that, i’d think i was drinking windex! whee! cleaning my stomach at the same time! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Pepsi Blue and VC both might be pretty good…

We’ll have to see when they come out.

So what is everybody’s favorite soda company all together??



Dr. Pepper/7UP??

Jones Cola??

R/C Cola??

Those cheap grocery store brands??

I prefer Pepsi brands myself. Pepsi and Mountain Dew/Code Red are my favorites. But as I previously mentioned, that Jones Cola makes really good sodas. To me Coke has too much carbonation… it has like a foam head on it and a bad after taste where as Pepsi doesn’t.

Mmmmm. Clean Tummy.

Windex…Does a body good

Pepsi all the way.

i’m glad we’re a Coke school. :smiley: i wouldn’t be able to survive in student assistant or independant studdies. Coke should make Blue Coke cause i HATE pepsi.