Varsity Letters for Robotics

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We got our school to agree to give varsity letters for robotics, but our Athletic Director doesn’t know where to find appropriate shapes. (His catalog has mostly sports stuff in it–the closest to robotics we found was little chemistry beaker shapes.) I’ve seen other teams with letters with gear or robot symbols. What does your team do? Where can you buy good robotics letter symbols?

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There are a number of threads on varsity letters for robotics already, but it seems none have the type of information you’re looking for.

My school doesn’t have any form of letters program; robotics students simply wear their team shirts.

That would be so cool, Do you think you can post the links on this thread please?

Our school gave out varsity letters for I think 2 or 3 years, and I was lucky enough to get one. They just used the school “M” which was given to all sports teams.

Search for “varsity letter” and you’ll find more than you can shake a CIM at. There’s a few too many for linking each of them (and linking a search only works for a short time).

Much obliged because that would be a really nice way to send out my senior class. Apart from winning Nationals haha :smiley:

At my school, and every school in my area you get a minipatch that goes on the letter, which is what I believe they are talking about. Here is an example, the water polo patch that is on my letterman:

We are currently working on getting letterman patches, and I can’t wait.

Thats pretty cool. Good luck with that

My team gives out varsity letters for robotics. It’s just the standard school letter (an orange “N”) with the FIRST logo un the upper left hand corner. I’m the only member of my team to get a jacket for robotics so far. In addition to the letter, the place where I got my jacket done offered to make a custom patch for of our team logo (a gear with a mustang inside of it) for the back of the jacket. It was only 20$ extra and they just needed a flash drive with the logo. The patch size is 8 inches in diameter. I’ll post a picture later.

Our school doesn’t give varsity letters per say. We letter in a said feild. Our school does have a varsity letter, academician letter, quiz bowl letter, band letter, and robotics letters. Since my school is Capac we have a Gold C, the C’s are often chained down the front of your varsity jacket. Most people only get one or two letters.

You can work with the company that your athletic department orders the letter jackets from. Many schools work with a local business. It is possible for you to design your own letter, working with those people who can guide you in what they can and can not do.

If you would like more information, please send me a pm.


It’s way awesome that your school is going to do varsity letters for robotics. I wish my school had done that. It sounds like you should try to work with the company to see if they can design what you’re looking for- but if not, it would be pretty standard to use your school’s initial instead.

My former school, (that i now mentor with, and was asked for input) is in the process of adding a varsity letter, we have administrative appproval, and now we are looking at requirements.

They are even putting in a clause that would allow alums, to recieve thier letter.

Here is a link to a picture of a letter 1147 issued a few years back. For some reason I am not aware of, this only happened one year.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but that link only leads to the search feature of CD-Media, not to any actual picture.

My school does things a little differently than others. For all Varsity sports, we give out a Varsity letter, a giant BG since we are Bishop Guertin. After a student receives the first letter, they then get pins for all subsequent letters. So, our team created our own pin. I currently have 6 Track pins (indoor and outdoor), one football pin, and one FIRST pin, soon to be two!

I checked it and it worked fine for me.

Try it now. I just edited the link in my original post, and here, to show the full sized picture.

Much better.

I got a letter for football, does that count? We didn’t have robotics…

The team I mentor has always given one. Robotics has twice as many trophies as the football team does in the school’s display cabinets. :cool: (the school was just built in 2002, iirc)