Vault Server

I have obtained through a sponsor a Vault Workgroup, and I was wondering what other teams do in terms of hardware. We believe it’d be too difficult to run it from someone’s house, and we thought we should rent a dedicated box. This is obviously expensive. Can anyone out there share their set-up, to help me design mine?

We ran our Vault server on one of the desktops in the shop. IIRC, it was a core 2 duo, Quadrafx 5450, 4GB of RAM, and one 250GB HDD. It ran the vault plenty well for our use, but we were only doing intranet access.

Getting to it from outside the net should be doable with dyndns, but you might want to check with your school/workplace’s IT department as to the legality and rules about running a server.

Keehun (keehun on CD) runs a server in his basement for a handful of things. It isn’t that hard to do, as long as you have access to the router where it is running you just have to open up the ports in the routers firewall for Vault.

His serves to a subdomain of his regular website, so he set up the domain registration to send visits to that subdomain to the ip of his server. If his ip changes he just has to change it online but there are ways with programs like dyndns to have it automatically update and some routers can automatically update them as well.

DynDNS you can also get free subdomains like or something along those lines and it will autoupdate if your servers ip ever changes if you install a little app on your server.

What’s the approximate cost of internet service upgrades and whatnot to get this type of setup going?

Vault servers don’t use very much bandwidth (for us anyway…), so you shouldn’t need much.

But again, check with your ISP before you get yourself disconnected for running a server against their TOS!

I’ve run a personal webserver out of my basement for a few years on a standard Comcast home connection. It isn’t very fast from the internet, but it gets the job done. Once again, check with your ISP, they might not be happy.