vB 3.0 - Sneak Peek

Hey, look what I found … a look into what we’ll be using come next season (if they release it in time)

Attached is a screenshot of a vBulletin 3.0 Beta, being tested by the vBulletin developers.

Hopefully they’ll release a beta in the next few weeks :slight_smile:

Oh – and this is not what it will end up looking like on our site – it’ll be orange & black … but you get the idea :wink:

looks cool :cool: can’t wait to try it

I like that sub-caption! Instant Community LOL Ha, Just add water!

And $85 for a year :smiley:

What’s with the karma button under posts? :confused:

vb3.0 has the karma hack built in as a new feature.

i cant explain it because i was never really interested in it
i suppose it probably works like slashdot.org’s karma.

I love it!

We can have the style of thread layout that we have right now or the christmass tree layout on the image, right?

it will be user defined in your settings.



I am not a karma whore.

*Originally posted by Greg McCoy *
**And $85 for a year :smiley:


Looks Simple, Cool and fun to work.

Don’t you have yor work cut for you when upgrading the new versions of vBulletin. Just thought I’d ask


which is why i try to keep the bigger hacks simple and sparse.

the hacks I like are the add-on’s.
separate files, etc.

when are you upgrading to vB 3.0?

its not released yet.

hopefully by september.

your my hero brandon. I could never be able to manage such a large website. i’ll stick to making tiny websites on front page. might be safer for me.