vb6/xp question

Does anyone know if theres any function i can call in vb6 that will give me one of those pretty yellow message boxes that appear in the bottom right of the screen in windows xp. Theres probably an easy way to do it in vb.net, but i only have 6 installed.

Yellow mesage boxes? what yellow message boxes? I’m lost…

I’m guessing that he means the dialouge boxes you see when you say, hover over the volume control icon in the task bar.

It’s actually used in a lot of software for a brief description of a toolbar button when you hover your mouse over it.

As far as making one… no clue.

Actually I believe he’s referring to the closable popups that say something along the lines of “New Updates Are Ready To Install.” They aren’t ToolTips, they’re those little “quote boxes” that you have to close before they go away.

Your going to have to do it with some AIP calls.
That should be what your looking for, if its not, just go to www.planetsourcecode.com and search around a little bit

Cool link.

On the VS6 install CD (#3), there is a “?\COMMON\TOOLS\VB\UNSUPPRT” directory. In it is a bunch of projects, utils, and hacks that aren’t supported by MS. one of them is a Systray control. Check it out.