VCU/NASA regionals

Does anyone know the team # for the incrediably small robot at the VCU regionals? Its first round was fairly early on, and I believe the announcer said “This is the smallest robot I’ve ever seen!”

All our team scouting info is burried deep in a bag SOMEWHERE…

But I’m pretty sure that would have been Team 190.
They had a tiny metal box with the bare minimum requirements for a match (or more??). It just looked likea milkbox sitting in corner — didn’t move at all. …but that’s 10 pt!!!

They had a functional 'bot in later matches.

A few other comments about VCU…

*The match schedule had pairings indicated. I thought it would be like 2000 when we knew match #, but not alliances.

*Originally they said everyone must use this year’s trickle chargers, but reversed that at the team meeting Fri AM. Not sure…but I think it worked out fine. We loaned our 2nd GOOD charger to a rookie team (928:) ) and I’m sure others did too.

*The entanglement rules were consistent & REASONABLE. No extensions were ruled out in inspections. DQs were based on what happened ---- not what COULD HAVE happened.

*Robodogs(435) won the Chairman’s Award…that they deserved. Incredible team that truely has the FIRST spirit.

*Diablo (87), Robodogs (435), and Blue Knights (I forget#) were especially spirited yet NICE.

*Our pit neighbors (401) were good sports and impressed me right off the bat when they all gathered around with hacksaws, etc to remove FIVE POUNDS!!..:rolleyes:

*Was funny to watch 2 rookie teams we befriended (928 & Code Red) I swear the coaches had PERMANENT smiles for 3 days straight! LOL

I know there were a lot of other great things & teams …but this was MY VCU experience.

Our Bear Feat hung a little low in the standings :rolleyes: …but we had a great time & enjoyed every minute.

We’ll give it another shot in Philly!

Lisa T :slight_smile:

Blue Knights? Hmm … we (team 122) are the NASA Knights, and we wore the cool, blue, sparkly hats and shades (we were the ones with the castle in our pits). If it’s not us I don’t know–I know another team at VCU had Knights in their name, but I don’t remember their number. Wow! You guys are going to Philly too? We’ll be there, can’t wait to see you and all the other teams.

Philly’s only 10 days away!

To the original question :slight_smile:
I think 190 is correct, they were the star shaped robot, right? :confused:

Ahhh yes, team 122. It seemed weird when Turner sent us away. I was one of the people from 384 (the bright organge collard shirts) with all the buttons trying to hawk our bot using video on our iBooks.

As far as I remember, team #190’s robot consisted of a low base with a large mechanism on top. I am not completely sure, though.
By the way… I think that VCU was a lot of fun, especially the team party…

You are both correct.

T190 has a similar design to last year in terms of our “kid”. It is what FIRST considers the “minimum configuration” of a robot… i.e. the robot controller, the battery, and the light with wires to make it go and your team numbers. We designed a removable device with all these things last year to use on the stretcher for a lightweight robot. This year we designed it so that time’s when the robot didn’t function and we needed time to work on it (Like our first match friday) we could still go out and earn 10 points, yet not lose those precious minutes on the robot. All the guts fit inside a solid box that we stick in the corner… the light turns and it has a grand time :stuck_out_tongue:

Our real robot is an on-the-fly 2-goal grabber… we have a ‘large mechanism’ , also known as our ball collector and hopper on top, which we didn’t utilize due to weight restraints (we had to remove the hopper to stay under weight).

Both the Kid and Gompei2k2 we’ll be ready to roll in San Jose in a couple weeks… see ya there!

The star shaped bot was the Start Bots…

I think they are team 337 or something similar. Neat looking robot this year!