VCU Pics, anyone?


Does anyone here have any photos taken at the VCU regional and care to share them?

thanks in advance! :]

Team #1418 will have pics on our site within the next few days. At the moment our host is being DDoS’d

I loaded this pic to this site Saturday morning. Now, I don’t have the pics, someone else does so when I get everything I will post them on our website.
heres some good ones

We will have are pictures on are site in a few days as well. And from the others one’s posted here they are nice. VCU was fun

Thanks a lot :]


wow, thanks for a canadian team shot!

I’m part of the team but couldn’t travel to the VCU regionals unfortunately.

Mind if i use that photo on the teams site?

i wouldent mind at all feel free to use it. amater a fact i have 3 more if you want! my dad is from canada and so he wanted me to take a bunch.

ohh, please post them =D