VCU Regional Scouting Online

Team 1086 has made a scouting form/database online that is open to all teams at

  Today(Tonight) we are going to start updating the teams information. At the VCU Regional event, Under each team, it will have their matches and match stats such as: average pts in hybrid, average number of laps, average laps with herd, and average laps with hurdle per match. If we don't have internet connection at VCU, we will have a local network setup so all teams can use it. 

 This database can be edited by anyone, so if a team would like to update their own information or verify our information, that would be great. Right now team 1086's and 384's information are in there.

    Vikram Rajasekaran


Can you extend the “Robot Name” Field so it can show the full robot name if need be?

Look at the entry I made for team 401 and you can see.


Sorry about that, I made all the fields longer. Thankyou for updating your information.


The Blue alliance website has team information which they pulled from the FIRST website.

In addition,
I think teams should input their info on the blue alliance website. A great source of info for teams to check out.

The difference in the info that we are going to have in ours is that we will have individual robot scores per match rather than scores for the entire match.

Cool! and thanks for doing this. We always find that teams know about our performance better than we know ourselves due to all the things going on at the regional. Glad your team could be of assistance.

WE are getting very ancy and fly out of Hawaii on Monday and get to Virginia Tuesday afternoon.:ahh:

VCU, lets rock!

Is there any way to get a list of who has information entered? I’m curious to find out about the other 'bots that’ll be there, but with a large majority of teams not having their info in the system, a lot of time is wasted looking at empty entries.

yeah. i can do that. well i mean, team 1086 is going to put all the teams info in so it will be up there by regional wednesday night. so far about 20 teams out of 65 teams. but the important thing will be at competition where we will have match stats.

2106 is has come up with a similar system. Let’s get together and see if we can combine the two.

sure! send Mr. Clarke or me ([email protected]) an email to discuss it.

For easier access to info:
I’ve changed the list order so it is sorted so that the first ones have some bit of information.


There has been some abusing of this database. :mad: Unfortunately, Information has been changed and some one has entered prank team names and robot names.:mad: I have gotten rid of the edit function. From now on, it will only be edited by team 1086 and 384.

If you would like me to add your team info, just PM me.

I was just thinking that the editing function probably wouldn’t be a good idea as people other than FIRST teams get on here and around the web. Good luck with your scouting program.


that’s really unfortunate. You try and do everyone a favor and a gracious effort, and some knucklehead(s) ruin it.

Sorry now you have to input everything yourselves.

team 435 will be there…but were not listed =(

now we are, thanks!

how low tech are you guys trying to make it? so you can view it on an iphone or what?

i think a huge advantage would be to add photos (PR or at the event) and put them there for reference.

um… i tried it on the iphone, the select button doesn’t appear, so i’ll look into it. If you are on a computer and you are using safari, then you select and hit enter it works.

if i get the rest of the db done; i’m currently working on the stuff for the Match stats, i’ll work on being able upload a robot pic.