Vector art

Having been inspired by What Artdutra04 did with vector art in THISthread, I decided to try a little on my own… How does this look? Any comments/suggestions are welcome, as I can’t improve if no one critiques me.

Also, if you have any vector art that you’ve done, I’d love to see it. :slight_smile:

is there some special program specifically used to do it, or could I do it on photoshop or something?

Adobe Illustrator is the Adobe suite app usually used for vector graphics, whereas I believe the gap is filled on the Macromedia side with Fireworks.

Photoshop, however, features a pen tool just like Illustrator, so you can do vector graphics there as well.

This page does an excellent job explaining the difference between vector graphics and “regular”, or raster, graphics.

okay, thanks

…that was a really quick reply :stuck_out_tongue:

For this one, I used Photoshop.

Are their any freeware programs for vector art making?

A quick search revealed this page, , but you’ll have to take a look… because it’s almost bed-time :smiley:

IIRC, GIMP supports vector art creation. However, one of the best freeware vector software packages is Inkscape, which although its much more technical and less intuitive than Illustrator or Fireworks, is still pretty nice to use.

If I could make a suggestion, I would say use less black lines to highlight/define the different areas. Instead, just let different colors do the defining for you. If if you really want the darkened lines, use a darker version of the fill color of a piece. Such as on the computer, maybe use a dark violet instead of black lines around the purple areas.

I use Macromedia Fireworks MX for all my vector art, such as many of those great diagrams that I often post in threads. I also use Fireworks whenever I have to “prototype” ideas for designing web pages. Using a combination of vector graphics and raster images, I can usually pretty quickly “sketch up” ideas to see how they will look. After that is done, then I’ll do all the XHTML/CSS/JS/PHP/MySQL coding in Dreamweaver.

For the record, Adobe now owns Macromedia, and it looks like Fireworks lost to Illustrator in the acquisition.

I guess I was aptly named Art. It would be quite ironic otherwise if I was horrible at art. :yikes: has a great tutorial on vector art that I would recommend looking at. has my vector artwork

As for your piece up there, it’s good, but I don’t like the outlines on the nose. I’d work on practicing shading in vectors.

i have the latest version of Illustrator and i took a graphic design class where i learned basics but i really dont know how to do much, are there any other good tutorials?

Inkscape is not freeware. It is open source. There is a big difference.

And I don’t believe the GIMP supports vector images.