Vector Diagram Problem

Hi Guys, I’m trying to work out this math problem, can someone help me understand how I get the ?? force


This looks ill-formed to me. My best guess is that there is an implied relationship between the lengths and the forces - 375 is to 15 as 5 is to ?? - but that is just a guess and without more information this is meaningless.


This seems directly related to this thread:

It may be a duplicate post due to being a new account and pending in queue for approval.

Yes Peter they are related. I’m trying to figure out how best to get an approximate force the beam will be under when 30kN of tension is applied and 5mm of deflection. I figured this diagram would help but as Connor mentioned there may be something missing to calculate this. I am aware the diagram has over simplified the problem but this may be a way of getting a solution. Let me know what you guys think.


What about the below rejigged diagram? not sure if this method is mathematically sound
Tan 0.76° = x/30kN
x = 30 x Tan 0.76°
x = 0.398 kN or 398 N’s

From my other post you’ll see I mention 4 of these beams/straps so divide by 4 and we get 100N’s per strap.

Please see my note in the other thread… your end forces for a thin strap act along the axis of the strap, not vertically and horizontally.

If the strap is NOT thin them you can get a moment and a force vector at the attachment points.

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