Vectored vs. Mecanum wheels

I’ve heard of both Mecanum and Vectored wheels to be used on an intake. Is there a specific difference between the two, and if so, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Or are the two terms synonymous?

The two terms are synonymous. Some on this site have taken to calling mecanum wheels as vectored intake wheels to imply they don’t belong on drivetrains…

which they don’t


They are the same thing. Some of us see mecanum wheels in the drive train as a very bad idea, and have begun using the term “vectored intake wheels” as a kind of protest. I guess my current favorite term for them is “cigarettes”


You’re gonna need to ENERGIZE and ACTIVATE your SHIELD GENERATOR to protect yourself from all the flak you’re about to get for that hot take.


This is Chief Delphi where group think is all the rage. I just happen to agree with the group in this case.


2019 @Ryan_Swanson wishes to talk to 2020 @Ryan_Swanson. 3630 was running mecanum defense.


To be fair, 2019 @Ryan_Swanson does seem to be surprised by that fact :wink:

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You guys did some things that I didn’t think were possible with mecanum wheels… I’ll admit that. But a freakishly good driver doesn’t justify an inferior drivetrain selection! I have absolutely no doubt you would’ve destroyed us with that defense no matter which drivetrain you had.


Staying out of the mecanum drive debate, I view vectored intake wheels as items designed specifically for intake or other non-drive purposes. Something about these such as the way the rollers are mounted to the hub, the material of construction, the design structure, or method of fabrication makes it such that they would not be expected to reliably survive in an FRC drive application. Thus, they are not marketed as mecanum wheels, although they are similar in appearance.

Mecanum wheels designed for drive applications could be used for intake, although they may be larger or heavier than some might want for their intake applications.

All in jest :slight_smile:
I agree wholeheartedly that we had an awesome driver that year, thanks for the kudos!

Hot take: the only people who call mecanum wheels “vectored-intake wheels” are snowflakes who can’t come to grips with the fact that they have mecanum wheels on their robot. :joy:


In the case of the recent availability of dedicated intake mecanums I’m actually a fan of the distinction, it makes it explicit that the vectored intake wheels are not intended for drivetrain applications.

Marketing matters :stuck_out_tongue:

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